Antrim County


Antrim County does not have a county-wide zoning ordinance. However, 7 of the 15 townships and all of the 5 villages do have zoning ordinances. (Click here for a map.)

map_zoned_municipalities_small.jpgFollowing is a listing of the townships and villages that have zoning ordinances, with links to their websites. For questions regarding the zoning ordinances, please contact the townships and villages directly. In addition, please see A Citizen's Guide to Planning & Zoning in Northwest Michigan, a publication from Networks Northwest.

Zoned Townships

     Banks Township
     Elk Rapids Township
     Forest Home Township
     Helena Township
     Kearney Township
     Milton Township
     Torch Lake Township

Zoned Villages

     Village of Bellaire
     Village of Central Lake
     Village of Elk Rapids
     Village of Ellsworth
     Village of Mancelona





This page last updated on 9/2/2020.