Antrim County

Planning Commission

Meeting Date:  First Tuesday of every month

Time & Location:  5:30 p.m. - Board of Commissioner Room, Antrim County Building, 203 E. Cayuga Street, Bellaire

    Bill Bailey
    Barb Bradford   
    James Gurr
    Dawn LaVanway
    Gary Lockwood
    Jason Helwig
    Bruce Priemer
    Rick Teague
    Ron Tschudy

The Planning Commission is currently comprised of 9 members, each of whom is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. Click here for the Planning Commission's Rules of Transaction of Business, which were amended on May 3, 2016. The Planning Commission is responsible for:

  • Making and updating plans for the development of the County;
  • Providing review and comments to township/village master plans and updates;
  • Providing review and comments to township zoning ordinances and their amendments; and
  • Performing special, planning-oriented tasks as directed by the County Board of Commissioners.
This page last updated on 12/23/2020.