Antrim County

Jordan River Valley - Mackinaw State Forest

The Jordan River drains an area of approximately 127 square miles in Antrim and Charlevoix counties. The mainstream is 22.9 miles long. There are 29 named tributaries totaling 90 miles. Major tributaries include Green River, Deer Creek, and Landslide Creek.

In 1972, the Jordan River was designated the first wild-scenic river in the State of Michigan under authority of Part 305 of the Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (PA451).

The Jordan River Valley supports a wide variety of recreational activities. Many activities center on the river and river corridor. Activities include fishing, canoeing, swimming, hunting, trapping, mushrooming, hiking, photography, and snowmobiling.

In Antrim County - the Jordan River Valley is contained primarily within Chestonia, Jordan and Warner Townships. There are 12 county roads providing vehicular access into the Jordan river Valley upstream from Graves Crossing. Five of these roads provide drive-through access; the remainder provide access to specific destinations, such as Deadman's Hill Scenic Overlook.

Acreage: 28422 acres 

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