Antrim County

Local Units of Government

There are 15 townships and 5 villages in Antrim County (click here for map with townships). Township boards typically have a supervisor, clerk, treasurer, and two trustees. A township may also have a zoning administrator and an assessor.

Villages have a village president, clerk, treasurer, and a village council. The village may have a professional village manager, as well as a zoning administrator. Click on the links below to view the web pages of the various townships and villages.

Village of Bellaire
Village of Central Lake
Village of Elk Rapids
Village of Ellsworth
Village of Mancelona

Banks Township
Central Lake Township
Chestonia Township
Custer Township
Echo Township
Elk Rapids Township
Forest Home Township
Helena Township
Jordan Township
Kearney Township
Mancelona Township
Milton Township
Star Township
Torch Lake Township
Warner Township

This page last updated on 12/7/2020.