Annual Reports

Public Act 156 of 1851 confers on county Board of Commissioners the power to "require a county officer whose salary or compensation is paid by the County to make a report under oath to the County Board of Commissioners on a subject connected with the duties of that office." To that end, the Antrim County Board of Commissioners adopts a resolution at their annual organizational meeting that outlines which county offices they require present a report of the previous year's activities by July of the current year. 

Additionally, the Board of Commissioners also require partnering agencies who are either contractually obligated or receive appropriations to make annual reports in person at a meeting of the Board. 

Departmental and agency reports can be viewed below.
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2021 Annual Reports37 documents

County Department Annual Reports18 documents

  • Administration & Planning
    document Header Administration & Planning
    2021 Administration & Planning Department Annual Report
  • Antrim County Airport
    document Header Antrim County Airport
    2021 Antrim County Airport Annual Report
  • Antrim County Surveyor
    document Header Antrim County Surveyor
    2021 Antrim County Surveyor Annual Report
  • Antrim County Transportation
    document Header Antrim County Transportation
    2021 Antrim County Transportation Annual Report
  • Building Department
    document Header Building Department
    2021 Building Department Annual Report
  • Commission on Aging
    document Header Commission on Aging
    2021 Commission on Aging Annual Report
  • County Clerk
    document Header County Clerk
    2021 Antrim County Clerk Annual Report
  • County Treasurer
    document Header County Treasurer
    2021 County Treasurer Annual Report
  • Drain Commissioner & Dams
    document Header Drain Commissioner & Dams
    2021 Drain Commissioner & Dams Annual Report
  • Emergency Operation Center
    document Header Emergency Operation Center
    2021 Emergency Operation Center Annual Report
  • Finance Department
    document Header Finance Department
    2021 Finance Department Annual Report
  • Human Resources Department
    document Header Human Resources Department
    2021 Human Resources Department Annual Report
  • Information Technology
    document Header Information Technology
    2021 Information Techonology Annual Report
  • Maintenance Department
    document Header Maintenance Department
    2021 Maintenance Department Annual Report
  • Parks Department
    document Header Parks Department
    2021 Parks Department Annual Report
  • Register of Deeds
    document Header Register of Deeds
    2021 Register of Deeds Annual Report
  • Sheriff Department
    document Header Sheriff Department
    2021 Sheriff Department Annual Report
  • Veterans Affairs
    document Header Veterans Affairs
    2021 Antrim County Veterans Affairs Annual Report

Agency Annual Reports19 documents

  • 13th Circuit Court
    document Header 13th Circuit Court
    2021 13th Circuit Court Annual Report
  • 86th District Court
    document Header 86th District Court
    2021 86th District Court Annual Report
  • Antrim Conservation District
    document Header Antrim Conservation District
    2021 Antrim Conservation District Annual Report
  • Antrim County Community Collaborative
    document Header Antrim County Community Collaborative
    2021 Antrim County Community Collaborative Annual Report
  • Antrim County Fair Board
    document Header Antrim County Fair Board
    2021 Antrim County Fair Board Annual Report
  • Antrim County Road Commission
    document Header Antrim County Road Commission
    2021 Antrim County Road Commission Annual Report
  • Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan
    document Header Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan
    2021 Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Michigan Annual Report
  • Conservation Resource Alliance
    document Header Conservation Resource Alliance
    N/A 2021 Conservation Resource Alliance Annual Report
  • Department of Health & Human Services
    document Header Department of Health & Human Services
    2021 Antrim County Department of Health & Human Services
  • Glacial Hills Natural Area & Pathway
    document Header Glacial Hills Natural Area & Pathway
    2021 Glacial Hills Natural Area & Pathway Annual Report
  • Grass River Natural Area
    document Header Grass River Natural Area
    2021 Grass River Natural Area Annual Report
  • Health Department of Northwest Michigan
    document Header Health Department of Northwest Michigan
    2021 Health Department of Northwest Michigan
  • Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility
    document Header Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility
    2021 Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility Annual Report
  • Meadowview Apartments
    document Header Meadowview Apartments
    2021 Meadowview Apartments Annual Reports
  • Michigan State University
    document Header Michigan State University
    2021 Michigan State University Annual Report
  • Networks Northwest
    document Header Networks Northwest
    2021 Networks Northwest Annual Report
  • North Country Community Mental Health
    document Header North Country Community Mental Health
    2021 North Country Community Mental Health Annual Report
  • Northern Lakes Economic Alliance
    document Header Northern Lakes Economic Alliance
    2021 Northern Lakes Economic Alliance Annual Report
  • Watershed Center
    document Header Watershed Center
    N/A 2021 Watershed Center Annual Report