Antrim County

First Responders

We are proud to partner with Antrim County's first responders. Antrim County Central Dispatch works closely with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical service providers. By fielding emergency calls, dispatching appropriate resources, and overseeing emergency communications, Central Dispatch provides an essential service to are community. We are here to ensure that the residents of Antrim County get the help that they need.  

Law Enforcement Agencies

Antrim County Sheriffs Office

Bellaire Police Department

Central Lake Police Department

Elk Rapids Police Department

Ellsworth Police Department

Mancelona Police Department

DNR Conservation

Michigan State Police

Fire Departments

Station 1500 - Star Township Fire and Rescue

Station 2200 - South Torch Lake Fire and Rescue

Station 3300Bellaire Area Fire Department

Station 4400 - Central Lake Fire and Rescue

Station 5500 - Elk Rapids Fire Department

Station 6600Banks Township Fire and Rescue

Station 7700Mancelona District Fire District

Station 8800 - Torch Lake Township Fire Department

Station 9900 - Milton Township Fire Department

Station 3 - Elmira-Warner Fire Department

Ambulance Services

Jordan Valley EMS Authority

Mobile Medical Response

Torch Lake Township EMS

Township Ambulance Authority