Antrim County

Equalization Reports

Below is a list of information compiled at different times of the year. Some of these pages are excerpts of the Equalization or Apportionment Report of which have been filed with the State Tax Commission and/or Antrim County Board of Commissioners. If you desire to obtain the actual report in full please contact our office.

2021 Antrim County Equalization Report

2021 Antrim County L4402 Apportionment Report

2021 L4024 Report

2021 L4028 Report

2021 L4028 IC Report

2021 L4029 Report

2021 L4029 Report (All Jurisdictions)

2021 PPSR Report

2021 PPSR IC Report

2021 School District Reports

2021 Village Misc. Totals and Stats

2021 Countywide Misc. Totals

2021 Countywide Misc. Totals SA-DNR

2021 Countywide Misc. Totals DNR PILT

2020-2021 Parcel Count

2021 Winter & 2021 Summer Millage Rates

This page last updated on 11/19/2021.