Antrim County Property Address Form


TO MAKE PAYMENT: All address requests are $20, with an additional $1 service fee. Payments can be made over the phone with the Antrim County Treasurer’s office at: 231-533-6720. Please note the Treasurer’s office is only available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm, and they are closed from 1pm-2pm every day.

We will NOT process your new address request without receiving payment even if you email our office your completed form.

FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Driveway locations MUST be clearly marked with a VISIBLE STAKE BEFORE submitting address form. An Antrim County employee will go to the property to pull precise GPS coordinates based off the driveway location. If the driveway is not clearly marked, this will cause delays in address issuance.

Changes in driveway location after address issuance could result in your address changing.

If you have your site plans, please email a copy to: Please include your name, phone number, parcel number, and type of structure. Site plans are REQUIRED to address any secondary or additional structures on a parcel.

Any additional addressing questions please call Equalization: 231-533-6320

You must print your form BEFORE you hit "Submit" if you want a copy for your records. Otherwise you will receive a copy once your address has been calculated.

Please double check your application before you hit "Submit".