Antrim County

Demographic data

Below are links to population data and other demographic characteristics of Antrim County.

Additional demographic data, including a 2014 analysis of the region's seasonal population, is available from Networks Northwest (formerly the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments).

2014 Population Estimates
In May 2015, the US Census Bureau released 2014 population estimates for counties, township, cities and villages. Click above for information regarding Antrim County and other counties in the region.

Demographic & Housing Data - 2010 Census
     Antrim County
     Village of Bellaire
     Village of Central Lake
     Village of Elk Rapids
     Village of Ellsworth
     Village of Mancelona
     Banks Township
     Central Lake Township
     Chestonia Township
     Custer Township
     Echo Township
     Elk Rapids Township
     Forest Home Township
     Helena Township
     Jordan Township
     Kearney Township
     Mancelona Township
     Milton Township
     Star Township
     Torch Lake Township
     Warner Township

 Antrim County 2010 Census Data by School District
     Alba Public School
     Bellaire Public Schools
     Boyne City Public Schools
     Boyne Falls Public School
     Central Lake Public Schools
     Charlevoix Public Schools
     East Jordan Schools
     Elk Rapids Schools
     Ellsworth Community School
     Gaylord Community Schools - data not available at this time
     Mancelona Public Schools


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