FEBURARY 7, 2003

Present:  Dawson, McLeod, Stanek, Straw.

Also present from the general public:  Tom Sandeen.

Meeting called to order by Chairman Dawson at 8:57 a.m.

Public comment by Sandeen voicing his concerns about Meadowbrook spending money on vans to transport their clients when ACT has vans available that can do the same job.  Sandeen commented that since Meadowbrook passed their millage, they seem to be spending a lot of money.  He mentioned a Kuboda tractor and the possible purchase of a fourth van.  Straw stated that he had approached Meadowbrook Director Judy Martin regarding ACT providing transportation to Traverse City for her clients.  Ms. Martin stated that Meadowbrook prefers to provide that service for themselves.

2003 meeting schedule was presented and some revisions were made.  There will be no March 31st meeting the April 28 meeting date was changed to May 2nd and there will not be a September 1st meeting because of Labor Day.  Meeting schedule for 2003 is as follows:  March 7th, May 2nd, June 2nd, June 30th, August 4th, September 29th, November 3rd and December1st.

Straw presented a billing from the Charlevoix County Clerk on the Regional Transportation deficit.  Straw went on to inform the committee that he first brought this issue to their attention at the September meeting, at which time the committee was informed that Straw was disputing the billing.  Straw told the committee that the Regional Program was formed in 1998 and the transit systems involved - Kalkaska, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Benzie and Antrim agreed to be equally responsible for any deficits that occurred in the program.  Charlevoix County was the fiscal agent for the program, which disbanded in 2001.  For a three-year period, Charlevoix is showing a total deficit of $94,365, of which Antrim owes $16,085.90 after subtracting their previous local share of $7,573.  Straw believes the total deficit should be $39,433 based on information provided by Charlevoix over a three-year period.  When four counties divide this, Antrim County's remaining balance would be $2,285.  Straw also feels that Kalkaska, which dropped out eight months into the program, should share some of the deficit.  They are currently not figured into the equation.  Straw has requested an audit from MDOT, which he has not received yet.  McLeod suggested that Straw sit down with Prosecuting Attorney Charlie Koop and bring this matter to his attention.

Motion by McLeod, support by Stanek to approve the financial reports as presented.  All voting aye.  Motion carried.

Heard that the power washer is broken down and would be too costly to repair.  Straw requested an emergency procurement condition to purchase a new power washer without going through the sealed bid process.  Permission was given to purchase a new power washer using grant money.

Heard that Straw terminated an employee for a third violation of departmental work rules.  The Administration Committee will hear the grievance on February 12th.

Ridership report was presented.  January 2003 passengers totaled 6,502.  Passengers for January 2002 were 6,131, an increase of 371 passengers.  Straw indicated that this is quite good considering a loss in passengers from Elk Rapids Head Start and CMH clients.  Also, February 1st transportation for the White Pine Stampede went well with a total of 409 skiers transported.

Heard that Straw attended the Rural Task force meeting on January 9th to approve road and transit projects for the next five years.  A pressure washer was approved for ACT.  Copies of road projects were distributed for committee review.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 7th, 2003.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted.