Antrim County Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes August 3, 2007


Present:  Dawson, Howelman, Allen, Rhoads


Also Present:  Laura Sexton, County Clerk


Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.


The FY08 transportation budget was presented including a request for a county appropriation of $102,700. 


Motion by Allen, support by Howelman to request that the County Clerk include $102,700 in the FY08 county budget to support public transportation.  All voting aye.  Motion carried.


Minutes of July 11, 2007 meeting were reviewed.


Rhoads presented the following correspondence:


MDOT letter outlining the components of the triennial review of transit agencies receiving federal funds.  The review was conducted July 17, 2007.  ACT is awaiting final report.


Financial reports were presented including vouchers for August, and expense and revenue reports for the month of June. 


Motion by Allen, support by Howelman to approve the vouchers and reports as presented.  All voting aye.  Motion carried.


Rhoads presented an update on personnel issues as follows:


The Administration Committee conducted interviews for full time drivers July 18.  Ann Mongar was selected to start August 15.  Donna Sylvester was the next choice pending ACT’s work load.  Mike Bouchard was selected as next choice.


Bob Daniels has informed ACT he has received verbal approval to receive SSDI.


Ridership reports:


Meadow Brook – Calendar year 2007 YTD report. July 07 - 16 trips with revenue of $1,897.


Bellaire Schools – School Year 06-07 report. July 07 - Early Childhood Program (ECP) 18 trips with revenue of $450.


General ridership – Total passengers for July, 07 was 2,589, an increase of 431 over July, 06.


New business:

Information was presented on upcoming training sessions as follows:


MPTA/MDOT Annual Training Conference – August 14-16


MASS Trans Training Conference for Drivers and Dispatchers – September 14-16


MDOT Financial Management Training – September 27


Information was presented regarding cleaning out the sand in the floor drain in garage area.


Rhoads is working with the Bellaire Computer Center to replace a printer used by dispatchers.


Munson Medical Center has contacted ACT regarding additional transportation needs for a new dialysis unit opening in Kalkaska.


Next meeting:  September 7, 2007


Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.




Minutes – August 3, 2007


                            Joseph Allen                                         Gene Dawson, Chairman                                    David Howelman



Members present:         G. Dawson, D. Howelman, J. Allen

Others present:             J. Strehl


Meeting opened:           10:00 a.m.


Public comment:           None.


Airport Updates:         J. Strehl informed the Committee on:

Noise concerns, fuel farm project, taxiway repair, propane contract.

2008 budget review:   L. Sexton and J. Strehl presented the proposed 2008 Airport budget and capital outlays.  Motion by D. Howelman, that the proposed budget be recommend to the finance committee as presented, support J. Allen.
Reports:  J. Strehl presented revenue reports for July & Expense reports for June.  Motion by D. Howelman to accept reports support J. Allen.
Meeting adjourned 11:30 a.m.