Antrim County

Detective Bureau

The attached photos show the property that was recovered from a home in Central Lake On April 22, 2016.  If you see any property that may be yours, please contact Detective Brian Knight at or 231-533-3525.

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Item: A-01

Item: A-02

Item: A-03

Item: A-04

Item: A-04b

Item: A-05

Item: A-05b

Item: A-06

Item: A-06b

Item: A-07

Item: A-07b

Item: A-08

Item: A-08b

Item: A-09

Item: A-10

Item: A-11

Item: A-12

Item: A-13

Item: A-14

Item: A-15

Item: H-01

Item: H-02

Item: H-03

Item: H-04

Item: H-05

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