Antrim County


The 13th Circuit Court handles issues involving the rights and responsibilities of individuals and Michigan Law. This includes, but is not limited to, civil lawsuits involving the awarding of dollar amounts over $25,000 and criminal felonies.

The Circuit Court also hears cases appealed from the District Court.

The 86th District Court is made of four divisions:

The Civil Division handles cases involving money or damage claims. The Civil Division also handles landlord/tenant disputes.

The Criminal Division processes paperwork filed by police departments, state law, and local ordinance prosecutors.

The Traffic Division processes police citations.

The Probation Department holds pre-sentence investigations, alcohol assessments, probation violation hearings, and supervision of offenders.

The Probate Court & Family Division supervises adoptions, emancipations, name changes, juvenile delinquency and neglect/abuse matters, jury service, guardianships, conservatorships, estates, trusts, wills, mental commitments, probate matters, and all juvenile probationary matters.

This page last updated on 5/17/2016.