Antrim County

Commissions & Advisory Boards

The Board of Commissioners appoints a number of special boards and commissions to assist them in various areas of endeavor. Members of these boards and commissions are appointed for terms of one to several years. The boards assist the Board of Commissioners in matters as diverse as Election Canvassing, Solid Waste and Recycling, Health Care, Housing, Planning, and Emergency Services. The links to the left will take you to the home pages of these boards and commissions. 

Appointment Process

    Antrim County Policy for the Appointment Process
    Interest Notification Form

Vacancies for Boards & Commissions

     Solid Waste & Recyling Council - Two (2) vacancies

Interest Notification Forms can be dropped off at the Antrim County Building, Administrator's Office, Room 204, 203 E. Cayuga, Bellaire; mailed to PO Box 817, Bellaire, MI 49615; emailed to; or faxed to (231)533-8111.


This page last updated on 6/28/2018.