Antrim County

Cayuga Street Cafe

Welcoming you to the Cayuga Street Cafe,            is Beth Lacy our Site/Activities Coordinator.

Breakfast is served every morning from 8AM-9AM. Monday-Thursday is made to order omelets, Friday is a different scheduled menu item.

Lunch is now served anytime between 11:30-12:30 daily Monday - Friday. Salad Bar is open during the entire hour.

We are also offering an alternative meal. If you do not like what is scheduled on the lunch menu, we have a weekly alternate meal that is available to you. This meal still includes the salad bar and drinks and is the same price as the regular meal.

Lots of positive things are happening here at the Bellaire Meal Site, including lots more fun, games, and outings. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming events! All upcoming events are listed on our main C.O.A page.

308 E. Cayuga St. Bellaire

Office 231-533-8703 - No reservations required

This page last updated on 1/29/2018.